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Thumbnails and concepts.

Company does:

-ideas for new homes{more space in existing home)
-new office
-vacation retreat

This company helps solve functioning and aesthetic problems with simple solutions.

Concept ideas:

1}idea for a new home.. add on make more space for growing families
2)new office-you have to work so why not enjoy it?
3) vacation retreat-you work hard, let us plan your get away.mace_thumbnails_concepts

mace_home_web mace_vacation_web mace_office_web

Project 1 Research

1.1 Research

2 choices:
The Chambers site does not fit to the entire screen and makes it look very unprofessional.  The site is also not interesting and the photo that appears on the home screen does not show a good example of what the company has already worked on in the past, and therefore does not draw you in.  The image is just distracting to the viewers and i would then choose another web page for my architecture needs.
This page is very distracting right from the jump.  It does not have a title page which looks very unprofessional and looks like the company does not care.  I also do not understand the chosen icons for the page, they do not make sense or have anything to do with architecture.  The page also does not consist of any photos and has awkward spacing within the links.

a)  Local design architects in the Akron, Oh area trying to keep the city alive with updated and innovative visual structures around town.  Updating these buildings help the city stay relevant and current with the times.

b)industry: The industry is very competitive considering the town is small, and some of the other local websites for architecture are visually appealing, making me want to hire them to help with my companies visual needs.

3)One of the goals of the site would be to incorporate works done by the actual company on the main page, this would help the viewer get an idea instantly of what the company does.  The Logo would also have to be clearly identified to the viewer.  Another goal would be to have the companies mission statement on the homepage so within a few seconds, viewers would be able to understand more about the company and if they wanted to then investigate further, they can do so.  I also want to create contrast with black and white images and then colors and then add pops of color in the areas that need focus.

1) like the background image, you are able to tell right away what the company is about.  I also like the color scheme that has been incorporated throughout the design.

2)– I liked the idea behind the background just not the chosen color.  I also dislike the graphic of the man on the left side of the webpage.

3) liked the layout of the web banner, right away i know that this company has to do with buildings and then i notice their logo right after.  I however, did not like the awkward placed colors and the shade of the background.

4)–  I like the clean and white background and how the page shows examples of the companies work.  I dislike the links on the bottom of the page because i tried to click on them but they did not go anywhere, this is confusing to the viewer.

5) like the background image and the description by the logo.  When you scroll down the graphics also move, and then give you more information about what the company does.

6),oh)-  I enjoyed the large image in the page and how easy it was to locate the links and the logo.  I also think that it was very smart for the company to give their mission statement right on the homepage, however the color selection does not work for the layout.

7),oh)-I like the use of the grid layout that changes color.  The links have boxes that appear around them when you are scrolling over that link.  However, should have colored the logo and made it larger to create hierarchy.

8) layout idea behind this page makes sense and the images included really works for an architecture webpage.

9) layout is simple,but easy to navigate.

10) design.

History of the Web

History the web

What is known as the internet today began in 1957 where it worked one at a time which was called “Batch processing.”  I had also never heard about Packet Switching where ARPANE and others came into popularity, ARPANE was the first to use Internet Protocol.  This allowed users to relay datagrams(basic transfer unit with packet-switchednetwork) across the network.

I also enjoyed reading about Web 1,2 and 3, i wanted to know what the specific differences between the three were.  I had heard of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 in another html class that i had taken but i have not been familiar with Web 3.

Web 1.0 is considered from years 1991 and 2003.  This web was a read-only meaning you were only able to find information on the internet, but still very exciting.  An example of this would be online dictionaries or

Web 2 on the other hand, was collaborative and interactive.  Where a user is about to interact and contribute to the WWW very frequently, an example of this would be a social network.

Social networks are still used today so what exactly is Web 3.0? Web 3.0 is considered the smarter version of the internet that we are moving into.  Where the computer is smarted and allows for a more personalized experience.  The computer starts to learn who you are, based on your searches and browsing history then it can change what shows up,for example in ads.  A specific example of this would be data-mining(where the computer picks up on consistent patterns and relationships) and also on artificial intelligence.

Design for Web and Devices

Project 1: url: guidelines-for-responsive-web-design/

This article is interesting because it covers many aspects of web design.   Coding for portrait and landscape seems to be tricky, yet important.  Many of our smartphone devices now-a-days can go from one to the other with just a turn of the cell phone. In the past i have done some mobile coding but for some reason it would never crop the way i wanted it to, however i would like to become better at that.  I found it interesting also to read about Javascript and how it functions in order to make the website viewable on various browsers.