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Web Designer Trends

This website talked about how “the number of people using mobile devices outstripped people on desktop computers in 2014.”-Jim Edwards.  This being said it is hard to believe that some companies still do not have functioning websites.  This will most likely make the company lose money, if a customer can not find information on a mobile device.

This site also covered how popular grid systems are becoming in web sites.  Which is not surprising considering grid systems lay out information which is easy to read and organized.  Over all the trends are more of a guess, the trends will vary depending on technology that is up and coming.


blog post 10.2.15 Web Design is Dead

While searching for an interesting article about web design i came across one that stuck out, titled “Web Design is Dead.”  At first i thought that there was no way that this could be the case but while reading the article i realized that they made valid points.  One of the things mentioned in the article was that WordPress and other web design websites are eliminating the use for web design.  Why hire someone to make the site for you when you could just start designing it yourself.  The user would then get the site done quickly and have full control if he/she decides to change something.

Another example that was mentioned was that most companies make a business page on Facebook and some do not bother to even set up a web page.  Social media and the expansion of mobile devices have hurt web design in some aspects but i do not believe that web design will quit being relevant.  For example, many web pages do not work well on mobile devices because it is still a newer concept so in this case IT needs newer Web designers to help keep up with the times.