Post CSS

Using postCSS is written in Javascript, and to incorporate it you need either Gulp or Grunt versions. As CSS develops the way it is used will vary depending on the project.  Using a feature like PostCSS allows you to choose which features for a project you want to use.  This way you are able to personalize each project and how you code it!


Web Typography

So what exactly are some of the basics of responsive web typography?  Like in any design, it is important to establish a hierarchy so that your title stands out.  It is important to “show,don’t tell” make your site be able to speak for itself!  One of the examples in this article mentioned about expressive details and making the website look like a magazine article.  It is also important to  create expressive subheads!

Typographic Patterns in HTML

The author of this article decided to take research at three different widths full width desktop,mid-died and small. One of the studies he did was to find out Serif or Sans-Serif?  As to be expected, most sites had a serif typeface as a heading and sans-serif for the body copy.  Thankfully Times New Roman was not popular!  Of course, reading distance is key when considering what font size to use!  The average ration of line height was around 1.5 times the size of the body copy, which is what it should be.

What did I learn from Web 1?

For the most part I did not have any real major problems with my website.  My only real problem came when I tried to add it last minute to the server.  When i did that I ended up having missed links, and my fancy box had not worked.  I then had to go backwards to find out what pieces of my project had not transferred to the server.  Also i found out that adding even a .3px of tracking to my portfolio page, made a huge difference.  For web 2, I will begin working on the server much sooner.

E-commerce design

On the main page think about adding a sign-up screen, so that returning customers are able to log in and skip most of the content they have already seen.  Also it is very important to include header and footer shortcuts to your website, for easy navigation.  Some of the best e-commerce websites include an inlined carousel slide,much like Netflix it focuses on different groups of people.  For example, “Trending Now” or “Sunday Brunch” this is an easy way to direct new customers on where to go.

Keep your App from sinking

When making an app it is important to test early on in the design process, as well as test often because early tweaking makes a huge difference.  Making multiple testing prototypes, even minimal and cheap are important.  The group that worked on designing an app for this blog, made multiple sketches, some on sticky notes.  It is also important to be aware of the communication between the executive manager and other members in your design team when creating this app.  Also make sure to get a lot of feedback about your app from multiple people, before releasing.

Smartphones versus tablets

Apparently the average user checks their phone about 150 times a day, which i totally believe it is just crazy to see the numbers.  Many of us are guilty of pulling our phones out when we are lonely, anxious or bored.  The author wrote a warning about doing so, this is building a neurological connection between the urge to check our phones and how we feel after we do.  For example, someone that is used to updating their Facebook will soon find the need to do so.

Simple and painless mobile testing

When testing a mobile website, of course wireless is the way to go but how do we start that?  The first step into install the software, in the demo the user is using Airplay which lets you also stream music or videos to an Apple TV.  Setting up your monitor is optional but the author wrote about using the external display.  Next step would be to set up a reflector and then mirror your smartphone.  The author also mentioned to start recording the testing process.

Hawaii Airlines website

Just how hard is it to completely update the UX design for a company that has been around for 10 years? The author and UI developer wrote about his experiences building a new project from the ground up, some of the things he learned, and what could have been done differently.  One of the things he mentioned in his article was that he made sure to have as few CSS classes as possible.  He also mentioned about staying away from using :extend as much as possible.  I am not familiar with what this is but apparently it works small and the output is confusing and difficult to debug.

Using Aristotle to communicate

This article was talking about how Aristotle’s thoughts about communication are still relevant today and can help with a websites usability.  One way to create an impact on a website is by using facts and statistics to get an emotional response from the audience.  Another way this can be done is to add an emotional story to the sight.  It is also important that when trying to persuade your audience to do something, you must come across as being honest.