Inspirational sites

    -Interactive and fun resume that gives all of the needed information for a resume, but also puts you inside of it.
    -Grid structure of portfolio pieces as well as the pull out side navigation
    -Scroll over on portfolio pieces(how they bounce/color scroll over)
    -The portfolio pieces are lower in opacity until you scroll over them-then they come to life. Also how the portfolio pieces are laid out when you click to enlarge them.
  5. -Software, Advertising Campaigns and Interface section is simplistic and minimal until you scroll over that section, it then reveals more information about that specific section.  Also the background interacts with the mouse, it moves depending on where you have the mouse.
    -I really love the layout and also how the work can be viewed at the bottom of the page.  This site is clean but also very interesting.
    Amazing and eye catching website that is not overwhelming. I also like how that information is displayed when you click to enlarge the thumbnail.  The design is very clean and yet very appealing.
    -This design is very clean with subtle textures applied to the background.
    -I really like the navigation bar that moves down when scroll over, I also really like how the icons that change color at the bottom.  This site has a real style to it and feels original.
    -His amazing work is very vivid in color, which he balances out nicely by a simple black and white color scheme.

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